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In this preface may Allah bless you to understand the importance why we the Muslims must stand out firmly united on truth and justice in Al Islamic way. As an African American true Muslim and believer and Tauhid, this is just some of our struggles of Jihad in the cause Allah, to earn Allah's favors.

In this book you will find my letters memos and articles as well as to include my speeches on Dawah from a Salasi in light of the Noble Qur'An and Sunnah (calling to Salasiyyah of the Salas, as Salas us Saalih) (The Madhab of the Salas calling to "La lilaaha Allah") utilizing the language, logic, and common sense! explanation text! of reform thinking based on the vision of some of our scholars and Iman W. Deen Muhammad.

This is my universal message to the Muslims Ummah (community and the entire world of humanity). From the African American Muslims leadership reformed taken on the responsibility to lead humanity this universal message has come at a time when our Muslim Ummah must unite as one world community Al Islam. Indeed, it is at a time in our history it is most needed. Especially since, we need to change the face of Islam from the news media, government control Imam and leaders, and those who try to hijack our deen (faith), who distort, tarnish and darken it.

We who are the true Muslims are not terrorist, radicals or extremist nor are we misguided, except for those who are anti Islam and make false religious rationalization about our Deen Islam and Muslims, faith. They are more specifically misguided and are making terrorist act about this deen of Islam and Muslim.

The proceeds of the donation is for your copy of this book and it will help us to purchase The Islamic mosque at 650 Geary St San Francisco CA by Bunia Mohammed/ AKA Russel Mac-T Tinsley. Please make your contribution today.

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